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We are a young professional team, who specialise in different logistic branches, both nationally and internationally.

Our team has several years of experience in the sector, and after analysing the industry, we have discovered a new method of optimising our shipments.

Our main goal is to provide our clients with peace of mind by coordinating the totality of the shipment and anticipating any unforeseen event, while always keeping the greatest transparency.

The service we provide is always client centric, focusing on their needs, which allows us to respond in the most efficient way and in record time, without unnecessary waits and excuses.

We offer a live tracking system, which keeps you updated on estimated delivery time and exact location of every shipping, making sure that the shipment is always on time. Our clients will get a Logistic InPlant, tailored to their needs.


We offer you a solution in record time.


Quality service with the highest transparency.


Attention 24/7/365 with your solution.


Personal treatment with our clients.

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Our Services

Our team does not only manage the transport of your shipment, but we work alongside you to make sure every project is successful.

Not sure how many vehicles you need? Do you need someone you trust to take over the management of your shipment? (Different cities, organised loading and unloading…) With us, your shipment will always be delivered in the safest and most efficient way, making sure it always arrives on time and in perfect condition.

We always analyse your business plan to develop a personalised service catered to your needs.

Here at On Site Logistics, we specialise in express transport with a wide range of vehicles available to offer the best option tailored to any urgent cargo request.

Through a wide network of suppliers, we achieve an immediate solution at the best price. For less urgent cases, we also have the best solutions, co-load service or full loads, always prioritizing cost.

In addition, we guarantee specialised options for any unique cases (oversized shipments, machinery, ADR goods, refrigerators, etc.)

For the most critical shipment, at On Site Logistics, we provide the best air transport solutions. We offer a doot-to-door service, ensuring control of the cargo at all times, as well as quick and safe delivery.

Thanks to a close relationship with the main air carriers, we have the most competitive rates, accompanied by a priority allocation of the space.

We work with experts to carry out any operation through the main sea lanes. We adapt to our customer’s needs by offering FCL (Full Container) or LCL (Partial Shared Load) services.

We offer very competitive prices thanks to the great relationship we have with the main shipping companies in the world.

We have plenty of experience in organising fairs and events, which equip us with a great amount of knowledge and allows us to plan ahead for future unforeseen challenges that may arise. 

We work hand in hand with the client in every project from start to finish, giving the best logistics and transport support service. In addition, we are available 24/7 and we always reach with the greatest agility to solve any problems in a matter of minutes.

For all international transport, we take care of customs clearance, as well as the procedures for the documentation required. We provide our clients with peace of mind by having a highly experienced team to manage the process quickly and effectively.

Here at On Site Logistics, we have 4000m2 of warehouse in Madrid-Barajas air cargo centre, providing our clients with a storage service to stock merchandise safely, speeding up the process and saving costs.

Our facilities are prepared to receive all kinds of goods. We always seek to offer the highest quality and safest service to our clients.

Do you have any questions about our services?

Send us a message through this form and we will contact you as soon as possible.

On Site Logistics is brought to life with the hand of MacGlobal, as an official partner to carry out its land transport operations. We offer a premium service of fast and efficient solutions.

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